A Guide to Islam

An Information Pack available free of charge.

At Masjid e Tauheedul Islam Blackburn our purpose is to advance the Islamic faith through the provision of a wide range of spiritual, educational and social services enriched with Islamic values as well as being a central point to provide advice, guidance and support for those who are wishing to revert to Islam.

At Masjid e Tauheedul Islam we see it as our responsibility to invite people towards Islam and help those who want to know more about Islam by answering their questions and give them a better understanding of Islam.

For this reason, we have put together an information pack ‘A Guide to Islam’.  The pack has been developed with the aim of educating and informing those who want to know more about the religion ‘Islam’.  This pack will be very beneficial to those who have questions on Islam and clarifies the misconceptions about Islam.

A Guide to Islam’ deals with pertinent subjects in Islam such as:

– Concept of God in Islam
– Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (peace be upon them)
– A Muslims portrayal of Jesus (peace be upon him)
– The position of Women in Islam
– The Holy Quran and Modern Science
– and much more….

Guide to Islam

For further information…

  • Questions relating to Islam and to gain a better understanding of Islam
  • To arrange a visit to the Mosque, and learn what goes on inside
  • If you are contemplating reverting to Islam

Then please contact:

Principal Imam – Moulana Suhail
Masjid e Tauheedul Islam
31 Bicknell Street
email: info@masjidetauheedulislam.com